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Wednesday, September 11, 2002:

oh yes. and it is sept 11 today, a year since the terrorist attacks in america...god i can't believe its been a whole year...time really passes so fast sometimes!!

had more sperm-count drink convos with e others today...we're so mad!! but tts good:)...its so much fun to keep on telling people that mountain dew reduces your sperm count...

Me // 6:45 AM


Dear Diary,
I really dont know how i feel towards "natalia".
I think I make her out to be worse than she actually is…despite what u may think dear diary I do like her and do consider her a friend and would do as much for her as I wld for other ppl. Its just tt some things just upset me v badly.
Today she said something q sweet…she said tt she remembered last years tryouts and that I calmed her down so tremendously by listening to her go over her speech lotsa times. Tt was sweet.

Saw gracey today. made up weird chinese melodramatic act, during which this sharm and ju stared at us like we were v v strange and kept talking in indian accents and saying mutu.

All of a sudden i've rememberd UN mock. ugh. what a nightmare! Its amazing how much it takes to accept the fact u cant change something. maybe next years UN mock will go well....Sharm grace Ju Jo and me again. wonder what country we'll be hmmm. lalala. I suppose this years had its funny points, with Jo tickling strange people by accident.

Me // 6:42 AM


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