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Thursday, September 19, 2002:

Dear Diary,
yesterday had mooncake festival thingy rehersal. lord help after rehersal when i passed up my (FINALLY FINISHED) home ec project , bernadette came up to me, very excited exclaiming that audrey had told her that she and ju were going to take her under their wing and pass the debating torch to her. i dont know whether to cry at the fact i lost my junior to the one senior i despise or laugh at the 'flame'.must be a very small flame.

Bits of today were entertaining, shireen and I acted out the last part of Act 3 Scene # of Journey's End(where Raleigh dies): the gay version for the class and we had them SCREAMING and shouting till ms shanthi (who was in 2/3) v pointedly came and shut the doors of 2/3 coz we were making such a racket.*grin* so shireen and i decided to invite her over to class aft sch for an encore performance and she almost died!!!! it was sooooo wonderful because she knew we had lifted the script from the text and just put different expression to it*grin*. ladida.

Me // 3:22 AM


Tuesday, September 17, 2002:

am chatting to thanda and my Ro MSN...shegot a call from a person in the argus for an interview coz of the debates she went for at columbia!!!!! yay thats wonderful! i feel soooooo proud whenever i hear things like this, ro doing well and all. when she did well and was well known for an item she put up during student orientation, i was so proud!!
i still remeber ,at the worlds finals this year when they anounced the 2nd best individual speaker was fm tm Singapore and mark gabriel shouted "Rohini Singh!!!!!", i felt as if i was on top of the world. ithat jubilance was so inexplicable, i was prouder of her than i've ever ever ever felt of myself. i'm just so proud of her.

i can't wait for her to be back so i can give her a hug and have her push me around telling me not to be jealous tt she's tall

Me // 2:54 AM


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