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Monday, September 23, 2002:

Dearest Diary,
I have tons to tell but I will (try to) be brief.
On Friday, my birthday, I got several pressies in the morning n the day passed pretty uneventfully…the mooncake festival play was in the evening and I got exempted from afternoon study to go home and ‘rest’(aka talk on the phone)
The play went well despite the fact tt we didn’t have a single run through…don’t ask! The red top I wore was really scary, its buttons spontaneously came open and at times I would find myself displaying my underwear to the world. Its nice underwear n all but that is NOT the point.
After it was all over, grace sharm jo n I walked down to bradell macs and the 3 of them gave me a surprise bday cake…I big one and 3 little ones and they sang Happy Birthday (really really) loudly in macs and scared the living daylights out of everyone else. When I got home I cut the cake tt mum had made and since aunty nadi and uncle tamba had arrived in the aftnn, we had a little celebration of our own.
On sat 21sept I went out in the morning to orchard to watch a movie(About a Boy, Hugh Grant) with gwen n we had lunch together n all…its was really niceJ. Being the pigs we were, we felt sleepy right aft eating so we kinda waddled home.

LD farewell was at Sharda(LD pres)’s place and it was a huge success…we screamed, danced, sang, hugged, played, ate and all the nice things tt should happen at parties.
When I got home we were having a party at home, I said hi to everyone and being exhausted, I just fell asleep in mum’s room…

Anyway diary got back marks for the eng grammar test I took last week and I got 28/30…highest in class*beam* yay. We had another one today since apparently many ppl in the level failed, ms shanthi said that the teachers would choose the better of the two and then she looked at me and said “though some of us don’t need to worry about that”*laugh* ah well it was nice I haven’t been doing brilliantly in eng this year yeah.

P.S. today is Mum’s mum’s death anniversary

Me // 9:35 AM


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