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Friday, October 18, 2002:

Dear Diary,
several days later, her i am again. so much has happened....well not REALLY but it feels like i haven't written in here for ages. i really want to write in here everyday but some days i'm just.lazy, i guess.
today i woke up at noon. i talked to kaimin (he's just so. eloquent).
for an hour, went to sharmini's house for her (belated)birthday was so much fun!
we played inane games for a while, ate, chatted, played on the piano and read and also just pigged out. i think one of my favourite parts of the evening was playing the piano. i have a piano at home but it was different...its like those thingies you see in the movies:
lots of people and someone playing the piano and the music fills the air and its so lovely. this time it was nicer coz there was a small, nice circle of people and i was playing with nisey and music just filled the whole place...made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Me // 8:11 AM


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