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Saturday, September 27, 2003:

Dear Diary,
well. i have abandoned you haven't i. Upon returning today, i must admit i've deleted some of my old posts. It probably doesnt reflect well on me, knowing that i cant take certain things i felt being "in print". But all those things i wrote, they were little bits of me that have changed to what i am one year on--a better person, i hope. i kept what i'm not completely ashamed of. i've deleted the rest, not that it makes a difference. some of the stuff i wrote was deleted but not wiped out. Though come to think of it, i'm actually not ashamed of what i felt and wrote. i'm probably just terrified someone will find this blog and read the somewhat incriminating things i wrote. so i've left the rest*grin*.

Anyway. hmm this year. I must say that its been a good one, if we're talking achievements.
Ju and I were made the editors of The Steeple.
Grace judith and i won JGs B div.
I was ranked the 8th best speaker in the division.
I was the best-speaker for half our rounds at JGs.
Sharmini Grace Judith Jolyn and I won RMUN.
I got into the Debate Association's Development Team, along with Mark Lim (Cat high), Chere See (RGS), Suhas malhotra (RI), Michael Thng(ACSi) and Sheryl Lee (RGS)
I was voted into the LD exco off 2003/2004.
I was second in class for our mid-years, oddly enough.hmm.

The above is neither in chronological order nor in order of importance. I must say, its been one high after another.

Friendships? Better than last year, definetly.
This February, Judith and I resolved our year-long unofficial war, thanks to Vernie. I can barely believe we made it "through the minefields" as Jude puts it.
I'm closer to Jolyn, lots.
I dont get a chance to talk to Sharm as much as I used to last year, but knowing that that hasn't made us drift apart just assures me that the friendships special.
and grace? we get closer every day, of course--though i continue to tell her that the only reason we're friends is because i like going over to her house and playing with Fluffy.
In my third year in the same class as sam and roxanne, i can finally say that i like them. Have been sitting with Sam in class this whole year and its been one of those slow friendships you can practically feel forming.
Preetham and i mysteriously started talking again in February*shrug*.
Kaimin was the one downturn--who would have thought that he'd become someone i can barely stand to think about. that liar. thank god i saw that before it got too late.

As for the people i've just met this year? and actually liked? Well excluding my classmates,theyre few and far between. 4 from OBS (obs! wheeeeeee), 3 from the dev team--which has been both an amazing opportunity and a nightmare--and only one from RMUN.
Well. i think i can safely say that this year's been a year of getting closer to the people i know, not getting to know more people. i can also safely say that i like it that way.

Well. this is a boring and un-creative post*beam*. but who cares right? i just want to document the important things. there are so many other little things that i've treasured about this year but somehow i dont want to write them out. i dont want to read them, i want to see them in my mind's eye.

I'm happy.

Me // 6:22 AM


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